Our pork & Chilli flavour is a very popular choice. We use free range Witshire pork shoulder mixed with a sweet and spicy chilli mix which gives a well rounded heat, a bit of seasoning and rusk. Inc. Soy and sulphites. We tend to make this flavour mild as standard but it can be made hotter if desired.


All our flavours are sold by the kilogram which roughly equates to 12 gluten free sausages, 24 gluten free chipolatas, 6 6oz gluten free burgers, 36 gluten free meatballs or 1kg gluten free sausage meat.

Pork & Chilli

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  • We offer free delivery for our local customers within a 10mile radius of Melksham, Wiltshire. 


    For customers further afield we are happy to arrange delivery but this will be calculated on an individual basis. Please contact us before you order to arrange shipping.