Traditional Freelance Butchers &

Tasty Meat Products

-   About us  -

Timperleys Traditional Freelance Butchers was started in 2015 as an idea of Hannah & Paul Timperley. We offer flexible terms for butchery services supplied either at the customers permises or offsite at our premises.

We added our tasty meat products in 2017. We believe that processed meat has had a really bad reputation in recent decades and that this bad reputation doesn't have to be a reality. We want to show people how tasty sausages, burgers and other meats can be if they are made with good quality ingredients and treated with respect. We hope you try some of our products and love them as much as we do.

Thanks for looking!

  -      Meet the Team      -


This is me! I'm Hannah, I trained as a butcher in 2011 after 15 years front of house in the catering industry. I am passionate about good quality British produce, food and fantastic service. I do most of my work from home, however you might catch me around Wiltshire working in Farm Shops, pubs and restaurants.


Paul is an Engineer by trade but assists in all aspects of Timperleys. From the Planning, marketing, IT,  even the cleaning!! He also takes on the laborious task of Chief taster, praise giver and motivator.


James is second in command in the tasting department! He is always trying to get to the front of the queue when we are trying new recipes and he always tells us the truth! Good or Bad!!!!! 


This is Teddy! She's had many names over the last 13 months that we've had her Crocadog and The Machine to name just a few! Although she often gets the bad end of the deal with our sausage business (because she ends up in her crate!) She'll always try to sneak a taste as payment!